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Hi! It’s about… YOU and I!


First of all… THANK YOU!!!!
– for visiting me blog!

Even though I tittled this page “About Me”, no, it’s about YOU and I.
I’d like to introduce myself, but also would like to know about you!!

Why are you visiting my blog? 😃
What are you trying to get out of my blog? 😃
What can I do to help you? 😊

I’m Koko!

First of all…. If I could have a minute from you,

My name is Koko. I am originally from Tokyo, Japan.

I’ve moved America for school, lived and worked as Illustrator at this awesome company in Seattle.
Then I moved to Denmark, Europe for my marriage.

This is me and family. My husband is Danish, we have one viking-ninja mix boy 😁

In  October 2018 I started this blog,

  • Simple Drawing
  • Doodles
  • Anime Drawing

I always enjoyed drawing since I was a kid. Growing up in Japan, I’ve read a lot of Manga and watched anime (I still do – when time allows,) so you see my illustration has a lot of influence on it. 🙂

Can I help you with drawing?

I would like encourage everybody to draw more! Drawing is a great way to express feelings/ emotion and helps to stay creative!

I try to make as many as drawing tutorials here.

I’m sharing a lot of tutorials and Free printable worksheets. You can sign up for my newsletters, I send you a password to my Resource Library.


Tell me about you?

This was a brief introduction of me and this blog ☺️

Now… I’d like to to know you!  Who are you? Why are you at my blog, what are you looking for regarding drawing  …?

Please come join my community, introduce yourself, we will have a chat!
I hope we can be friends 😄

For Simple Drawing & Doodles


For Anime Drawing

And Both, I have YouTube Channel.


Thank you for reading. Truly happy that you’re visiting my blog.
Please take care, Keep Drawing Happy!



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