Ready For Fun and Kawaii? 

O Hi!  My name is Koko.
I’m the creator of this blog.

In case you don’t know, “Kawaii” means “Cute” in Japanese.

You guessed right – this blog is going to be all about Fun and Cute stuff, mainly for kids!( But some grownups will enjoy this blog I’m sure.) 😊

I’m originally from Tokyo, Japan, but now live in Denmark with big-hearted husband and our Viking-NInja son, Z. 

about us
I’m Illustrator / Infographic Designer / Character Designer by profession. 

One of my biggest life change events was when Z came into our life. 
Z, Japanese boy, Viking Ninja boy

And this totally changed everything. Me, as a person, too. 

cartoon of before and after

So now my life is focused on Z, but still I want to use my own talents – and it was making fun lunch boxes / come up with fun activities ! 

For a loooong time, I was running a cartoon blog http://www.scandiasia.dk  but in 2018, I decided to open FunKawaii.com to share my techniques – with people like you, who wants to make Fun and Kawaii stuff!  

About FunKawaii.com

Based on the blog name, I will make tons of Fun and Kawaii = cute stuff. 

“Stuff” includes Bento / Lunch Boxes, Activity ideas, Bullet Journal inspirations, and my elements are all inspired by my country, Japan. 

Join my circle! 

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I will be sending some blog updates, behind a scene story, tips, subscribers only special offers etc etc!  So many goodies….  You will love it! 

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