Here are some questions I get often.

Q: Which Themes do you use for your blog?!
A: I use Themify. One of the best visual easy wordpress builder. (Drag and Drop)
I wrote a full review on it. Check out here.


Q: How long does it take to make Bento Lunch?
A: Usually from 10 mins ~ 45 mostly.  Sometimes 1 hour.


Q: Do you have a lot of free time!? You make so many bentos!
A: Oh god heck No. No mothers have enough free time, ever.
Most of the times I use left over items. I prepare some parts of lunch a night before.

I also say, some mothers spend time to go to Yoga…or painting class… to refresh minds. I use my time to make bento lunch, because it’s my passion and hobby 😁  Really depends what you want to use your precious time for.

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