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I’ve been blogging for a loooong time, over 7 years experience.
Before I was using free themed, because it was just for fun and I didn’t really care much about super design or super usability.

This blog, – I am SUPER serious about this blog, I really want this to be my life-passion work!!!!! SO I was picky to choose which theme to use.


I’ve gotten a question from one of my audience:  he asked which themed I use for my blog.
I thought it was a good timing to talk about  Themify Themes. – the one I am using.

I’ve paid for the theme!
You know, I am a cheap person 😅 and if there is free stuff I usually grab those.

But me, this cheap me, paid Themify Themes and been super happy with my choice.
In this blog post I am going to explain why and my honest review of Themify Themes.

What’s Themify!?

Themify is a company that designs themes for WordPress.
They also develop Themify Builder – the heart of their products – drag-and-drop tool to create a beautiful website.

They also develop add-ons, like plug-ins that are compatible with their themes.

You can build a professional looking website with NO technical skills. 😃 And, their Support Team/ Customer Service – is legend,  like Japanese customer support!!!!! (If you haven’t experienced Japanese Customer Care…. you should… it’s like another level of the world. )

Free vs Pay theme?

In my opinion, you can have a nice looking blog using free theme.

UNLESS, you have time to fix problems or find plug-ins, all sorts of techy things yourself.

Free themes – there’s a reason why you need to pay. They are free because what they offer you is basic. There is no back up if some problem occurs… guess you can say you get what you pay for.



A few drawbacks of using Themify

Before I go WOOing about Themify, there ARE some stuff I should mention –  that Themify can make it better … that is..

  1. Price. It’s not free.
    I found that Themify’s price is very reasonable – a lot cheaper than other WordPress Themes with fee.The theme I am using on this blog is called ULTRA,
    this costs $49 (standard) PLUS 1 Bonus Theme – which means, you can get 2 themes for $49.With Free 12 Add-ons (like plug-ins) and 1 year long support!That means 1 theme is about $25 …. I think it’s amazingly CHEAP.
    Check the price table of Themify.ALSO
    Themify has a lot of sales and discounts, so be sure to check their blog or sign up for newsletters.Good news is that Themify offers some FREE themes –  can get them here . 
  2. You still need to study how to use it.
    I am a person who don’t read a manual book. 😛 I just open a tool, start using it as I learn.
    But I tell you, if you want to use Themify maximally – watch their tutorial videos.To be honest it was confusing for me in the beginning.  It took me some study time to understand how Themify system works. There are a lot of functions and features, how they all work together with Themify Builder Tool (<- we will get there next chaper.)Without knowing those, you’re missing out a lot – some functions are extremely useful,
    that can save you a lot of work hours.


My Suggestions for Themify

There is one thing I’d like to request for Themify.
I’d like a video of Step – by – Step,  all process of how to create a blog.

There are tons of tutorial videos on Themify – but they are focused on each function.
The problem is,  I don’t even know what features are available, and I don’t really dive myself in to watch all the single tutorials… or, didn’t know where to begin!


I’d like to watch over his shoulder, how he designs a site from the beginning using Themify.
Maybe Themify can have a few finished samples websites and users can choose which design they want to see.

This sort of walk-through-sample videos … “Let’s make a website with Ken” will be great! (I don’t know who Mike is, some Themify ninja guy.)


My TOP 3 Reasons why Themify is awesome

1. Amazingly Aweseom Customer Support.

Themify has the best ( in my experience ) customer support. Once you buy Themify Themes, the 1 year free membership comes with it. Membership includes free updates and this amazing support!!!!
(You can extend to life time membership if you want, with additional fee.)

I have been _VERY_  impressed and content with their support system.

They have a FORUM where you can post any questions you want – usually you get an answer from within a few hours – to next day.  (sometimes you need to wait til Monday on weekend.) I found it very impressive with detailed help, they even provide you a screenshot – so you can understand visually.


Once you log into your account, you can check your answer by clicking here



Some information you don’t want to openly share in public.

No problem, they have this “private message” section.
Text that is written here are only visible to Themify Support Staff.

You can make a setting as “notify me by email” so you don’t need to log in to see if your question is answered.


FORUM has also search box where you can type your problems, sometimes you find the same problems in previous posts,
if you can the same problem and answer written there – you can save time.

Themify has a lot of smart support staff. You ask, they solve.
There was no issues that couldn’t be solved in my case,

They  work very hard, sometimes they even ask follow-up if things are okay.
They go the extra miles to make customers happy, that I give credit for!

Support by Email

You can also write email to a support team.  They usually respond next day ~ within 3-4days. But as they say, FORUM is the fastest way to get a response. It’s the best place to be!

2.Themify is SO Visual – Power of “Themify Builder”

Another big reason why I like Themify is that they are very visual and not so techy.

Themify Builder is super powerful – that’s a drag and drop layout tool with live edits and previews.

You can read more here 

Let’s see an example. I want to add a button on my post…..
Then you turn on Themify Builder

then this Builder opens.


On the left you see Modules / Raw/ Library ….
you choose them and drag it and drop in to “Import Layout Box”
themify review


And…see?? There is button.

themify review


This is just one example, but with Themify Builder you can much, much more.

3. Reasonable Price!

I said this earlier – but I think Themify is very very reasonable price.

If you buy 1 theme they give you 1 FREE theme as bonus,
that breaks to only $25 per theme.
(if you buy 1 theme, make sure you already choose the 2nd theme before clicking BUY button!!
I didn’t really think about it and took me time to choose the 2nd one … from so many choices 😅)

Plus, Themify has sales and coupon offers all the time. Get 20% Discount immediately to subscribe Themiy Newsletter. (Scroll all the way down)


My recommendation  “ULTRA” theme

If you want a lot of freedom / choices to customize, I recommend using ULTRA.

It’s the most popular / used theme in Themify.
ULTRA has so much freedom for designs and compatible plug-ins,

Watch ULTRA overview video to get to know it

What you get with ULTRA

This is the ULTRA theme description page.

Also check out what you can design with ULTRA.

 Themify’s Show Case  is a great place to see example of wonderful websites using ULTRA.
There are sooo many good designs and inspiration there!

  If you are not designers but want to customize your site – My advice to pick 1 site that you liked from the show case – and you can ask at FORUM which Layout, or How they built that site. You don’t need to come up with completely original design first. Once you choose a site that you liked, design like it, but then you can start modifying the design as you like. In the end, you will end with your own design.


Why you want to use ULTRA

You will get 12 Free Add-ons!
Normally you have to pay separate, but with ULTRA theme you get them for free.

Progress Bar
Maps Pro
Pricing Table
Slider Pro


60 Pre-designed Layout
5 Single Post Layouts
WooCommerce Shop Integration
Section Scrolling

and…. there are way more features included.

To know all of it, click here

Lastly… Themify with Confidence

Themify offers you 30 days money back gurantee.
You try it, if you aren’t happy, you get money back. If you’re happy (like me) you keep it!

Check out Themify!
If you have any personal questions you’re welcome to contact me 😊

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